TCS United Case Study

TCS United Assists Competitive Energy Provider to Grow Revenue

Case Study: Competitive Energy & Utility

Our Client

A competitive energy supplier, who serves the Midwest market, selected TCS United to design an inbound customer service program to assist retail customers regarding energy aggregation, pricing, and billing questions.

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  • Client entered Illinois retail market and was awarded multiple aggregation contracts.
  • The notification process created an influx of inbound customer service calls from over 200,000 customers.
  • The client was not prepared to staff and process the calls in a timely fashion.

  • The timing to implement the inbound customer service engagement was very quick (less than 3 weeks).
  • Since the market was a “green” market, there was no historical data to assist with call forecasting and planning.
  • All training, quality, and development modules needed to be created from scratch.

  • TCS worked in concert with client to develop a scope of work document.
  • Collectively worked to develop a rapid solution to move voice and data from the client’s facility to TCS United.
  • TCS deployed on-site resources at client’s site for portfolio specific training development.
  • Implemented QA process that ensured service levels and customer communication remained compliant.

  • TCS Communication Specialists answered calls accurately and on time! TCS exceeded all service level objectives since day one of active service.
  • TCS records 100% of inbound call volume, and has exceeded all call quality goals on the project.
  • As a result of original engagement, the client added nearly 400,000 additional customers.
  • Since the launch of the project, the client managed to the lowest number of complaints per 1000 calls as measured by the state regulatory body.