A national energy supplier selected TCS United to create and coordinate a sales outsourcing process with outbound marketing and a market outreach to retail consumers.

Energy Case Study: Sales Outsourcing

TCS United Provides Marketing Outreach for Competitive Energy Supplier

Case Study: Competitive Energy Sales

Our Client

A national competitive energy supplier awarded TCS United a project to design a sales outsourcing process, including outbound marketing and market outreach campaign, to retail consumers in the North East for the purpose of energy solicitation.

TCS United customer services case study issue
  • Client faces multiple competitors in growing segment.
  • Consumer messaging caused increased consumer confusion on deregulation and energy savings programs.
  • The client required the assistance of a boutique communications partner with scalable infrastructure to drive sales.
TCS United customer services case study challenge
  • The timing to attract, hire, and train Sales Specialists was very quick.
  • The North East market was a new market to the client, therefore, messaging and branding needed to be created.
  • All training, quality, scripting and development modules needed to be created from scratch.
TCS United customer services case study solution
  • TCS United facilitated a “train the trainer” session with our client to quickly ramp the program.
  • We worked with our client Compliance Team and Third Party Verification Partner to design and test sales and order systems.
  • TCS designed a budget structure tailored to meet our client’s objectives.
  • TCS United’s IT Department and Account Management Team designed reports to measure sales success.
  • TCS designed and coordinated a complete sales outsourcing process.
TCS United customer services case study outcome
  • TCS Communication Specialists launched outbound sales efforts within 3 weeks of contract execution!
  • TCS United was able to create program improvements a run rate at or above client objectives within three days of launch!
  • TCS United generated a high Sale per Hour rate in a highly competitive market within a very short time frame.
  • Through our test efforts the client was able to approve expanded sales efforts into the North East market.